My Pro selling tips on how to sell and get the best price. - Don Hannay

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My Pro selling tips on how to sell and get the best price.

Before you sell - Consider these three important questions?
Sellers guide
For Sellers
If you are thinking about selling, the essential thing you want to achieve is the best possible price for your property. To do this you are going to make some decisions about three things.
  1. Marketing tactics (How)
  2. Agent (Who)
  3. Price expectations (Estimated market value)
Seller's guide
1. Why are marketing tactics important?
Selling your property is a competition with every other seller on the market. 'How' you sell will determine your success or failure in attracting targeted qualified buyers to your property and achieving the best price.
I have developed a five step marketing system to attract targeted, qualified buyers and ensure your selling experience is positive, successful and occurs with a minimum of fuss.
When you are ready to sell I will discuss the marketing of your property in detail and tailor a marketing campaign that will bring you results.
  • Understand how to manage the four key steps in selling your property
  • What are the four big factors that determine how the market behaves
  • Five levers that determine the value of your property and the three you can control
2. Your agent
If you are going to engage a professional to market your property make sure they tick these core traits.
  • They are prepared to listen and understand what you want to achieve. No point working with someone who you can't communicate with.
  • You are treated like a real person and not just a transaction.
  • They can demonstrate knowledge, skills and experience in these core skills:

1. marketing
2. negotiation and
3. managing risks (objections).
"Don is a highly professional and motivated agent. He has a "never give up" attitude that reflects in getting the best possible price for your property. I have enlisted the services of many real estate agents over the years - some good and many bad. Don is definitely one of the good ones. Don keeps you well informed through the entire process and follows up after the sale unlike agents who take your money and run".
Ian & Regina Brook
"Don's work ethic and customer service are second to none.  He has helped and guided me through all the ins and outs of successfully auctioning my home and then purchasing a unit off the plan. This would have been a very daunting task without Don's experience and superior knowledge of the market place coupled with his going the extra mile to help me on a number of occasions. I cannot thank him enough."
Louise Martin
“Just a few lines to let you know how much I have appreciated the way your office has looked after our property (Unit 6) Leslie St. Nundah. Firstly as a rental since 2008 and now in its sale.
Whilst not wishing to single out anyone in particular, as a retired real estate person I cannot help but mention the excellent marketing work done by Don Hannay in the sale of our property.
I wish you and all your staff the best for the future and thanks again”.
Marc Pinter
The best recommendation is you
3. What's your property worth?
You may have an idea of what you think your property is worth. What you don't want is to undersell it. So where in the market do those price markers sit and how do they compare? Is there a gap and is it feasible to bridge the gap? If it's not feasible to put your property on the market and you can wait, it might be better to do just that.
So it's important to get a sense of the market and the tension between these two prices for your property. What you want and what the market is prepared to pay.
My role is to give you feedback about the market and your property so you can make some informed decisions about price.

When I was a boy scout we had a motto, "be prepared".

With a lot of uncertainty and turmoil at the moment, many experts are repeating this evergreen advice – be informed and be prepared.

Is the property market due for a shakeup? Some think so. There are powerful new forces at play which may impact on the value of your property. If you are in the market already and not getting the success your expected or are considering selling soon then give yourself the best chance of success. Request a copy of my 3SIXTY market review for your property (valued at $127) and get the latest information. It's FREE to my subscribers.

WARNING: Please do not rely on Automated Valuation price estimates that you can get for FREE online. They are notoriously unreliable as a price predictor. Why? They only consider two of your property's value elements - Price and Features. There are three others that buyers also consider are really important. My 3SIXTY market review uses the complete checklist that buyers will use and more. As a seller, the last thing you want is to be misinformed and unaware of what potential buyers really think about your property. Don't leave your success to chance.

The market is changing

If you want to step into the market with your best foot forward then "be prepared". Request a copy of my 3SIXTY market review for your property.
Last update: 02/04/2020
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