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360 Market Review Property Report

  • A competitive force field analysis of your property.
  • Comparative properties sold
  • Properties on the market
  • Days on market
  • Value position

  • Investor guide
  • Why property works
  • How property works
  • What to buy
  • Where to buy

  • How to get started
  • Finance
  • Building & pest inspection
  • Valuations
  • Insurance
  • Conveyancers
  • Building & pest inspection

MarketBuy bidding platform

Market Buy is an online Offer Management System and is a relatively new technology for property sellers. It is very similar to eBay bidding in that there is a time frame and the best bid wins. It already has a solid performance record in Australia as an effective tool for matching buyers and sellers. The largest property sale so far has exceeded $8million!

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Whats your property worth
360 report
360 market review report
Free guide for sellers

Automated Valuation Models (AVM) are freely available online but are unreliable especially if the variance in price range is greater than 5%. They are quick to produce and can be used as a quick guide.
However, if you are wanting more reliable information about what you property is worth then a 360 degree market review provides more insight than a predictive AI (artificial intelligence) price score.

A 360 approach takes into consideration how your property is likely to perform in terms of "value" against other competing properties on the market right now! Whether you are an owner selling or a landlord renting your property, the reality test is what the market is prepared to pay - because it is the market that determines value! Not the bank, AI, bank valuer or the opinions of friends and family.

If you are already in the market and not getting the results you had hoped for or you are preparing to go to market soon you can maximise your success by understanding how the market is likely to react to your property. Markets are competitive. If your property does not represent value people will go elsewhere. And that's not the plan.
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Which property
Which property - checklist
Investing in property for your security & lifestyle
I meet a lot of people in my work as a property professional.  And it appears many of us are working harder and longer.  But for what? More often people are saying to me "it has got to get easier than this!" They want solutions that offer a better lifestyle, now and in the future.  And for many, owning property is an attractive solution.  Why?
Property has always been a corner stone investment for people who have become wealthy. Well chosen property will -
  • accelerate in value faster than your capacity to save. Growth can be converted to cash or retained as equity to purchase more property.
  • offer taxation benefits which allow you to keep more of your earned income.
  • As an investment, provide a regular and secure income stream.
  • give you greater control of your assets and afford you a better quality lifestyle.

However, most people do not involve a property or finance professional when it comes to purchasing or investing in property. How much better for them if they had professional help and information on the best ways to structure their finance and property purchase.

Get started. Receive my free series on property investing.
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Last update: 02/04/2020
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